How did 5-HTP helped me being happy, motivated and thin.

Hello everyone !

I am so excited today to present you one of my biggest secret.

But first we are going back in time a bit:
Few months ago I quit a night job where I was very unhappy… I was working five nights a week in hospitality, from 8pm to 4am, and I was sleeping during the day.

I ended up doing nothing for a year because I was extremely tired all the time and I could not get up and do anything.
I went down in a very depressive path and I could not see any ways of getting better no lights at the end of the tunnel, until I met someone who changed my life, my partner.

After few months of stopping my job I found something else during the day. The money was not even close to be good but I was working during the day and meeting real people, doing an actual work and feeling so much better about my life.

But I did not do all of this on my own. Working out, eating healthy and having a little help from the plants was a MASSIVE HIT.

Here is one plant that you NEED TO KNOW OF: Griffonia simplicifolia, or more well known as 5-HTP.
What does it help with:
– Depression
– Anxiety and panic attacks
– Weight loss

We will go to all the point one by one:


That plant is creating in your brain serotonin, a chemichal nerve cells product that creates the feeling happiness or, if it is low, creates depression.

For example, your brain produces serotonin when you eat the food you love the most, and can create an addiction (which is why you are eating when you feel sad, or bored).

So when you are low in serotonin, you are going to feel down, demotivated, and that feeling that you can not get out of bed, or you don’t want to do anything but sit in front of videos, movies while eating.

Well, as I said, The 5-htp is increasing the serotonin and helps fight with this feeling. I was the first one to do nothing all day and just watch videos after videos, my brain slowly melting, but the 5-HTP made me get up, go to the gym, eat less, do so many things and I got so many opportunities from it.


Panick attacks and anxiety are well known to be caused by a chemical imbalanced in your brain and your body: the serotonin, dopamine and all of these chemicals go down due to our way of living (food, alcohol, cigarette, polution etc…) and here you go: you are feeling down, demotivated and then anxious.

With the increase of serotonin in your brain, you have this feeling of being incredibely relaxed. You are motivated to take any steps of your day, your week, your month, and you couldnt care less about the obstacles in front of you.


As I said, you feel good by eating food that tastes good. It is a comforting feeling that feels like you have enough serotonin and amino acid in your brain, but it doesn’t stay long. The sugar and the fat are going to act like a drug in your system and worn off extremely quick, wich makes you wanting some more to re-create once again the feeling of relaxation and comfort.
To fight those cravings and not gain weight, increasing the serotonin and the amino acid in your brain is essential.

– A workout that is not too intense and where you are having fun is an option you should think about seriously.

– Increasing your level of serotonin by 5-HTP and Amino acid is a must.

– Drinking a lot of water helps too.


BE AWARE: there is few side effects:

– Nausea is the one I had the most, straight after taking it. I’m always trying not to have it with something too irritatinf for the stomach (like coffee, or cigarette..)

– Feeling of sleepiness: take it one hour before bed.

– Headaches: the 5-HTP kicks in instantly and might cause a feeling of having your scull caught up in a metal helmet. Lie down, have a tea and be patient.



The first month, take 50mg PER DAY, in water. Put the powder in your water, mix it properly and bottoms up. If it is pills, make sure they are vegan and gluten free. Not more than that, because you will mess up your chemicals and actually feel sick, making in your brain a parallel: 5-HTP = SICKNESS.

After a month, swich up to 100mg per day. Be careful, and try not to irritate your stomach with bad food and drinks before.

After two months, if you feel like it is not doing anything for you, do 150mg, divided in two times a day: 75mg after a lunch, 75mg before going to bed. Once again, try it on the week-end or during your free time to be sure it is not affecting you too much. If it is, try 125mg before going to bed.

I’m not taking more than that. Stopping the 5-HTP is not going to create a dependance at all, it just balances your chemicals. I have stopped since few weeks now, but I take it when I feel like I can not deal with my day anymore, or when that anxiety kicks in very bad.


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