Essential oil as a deodorant ?

Hey everyone,

I know how it sounds, having an essential oil as a deodorant. Hippie all the way, and will I smell ? After all we are so use to have our pre-made deodorant full of ingredients we don’t even understand most of the time. But there is one thing we all know: some can provoke breast cancer.


Well there are all the things that are bad for you, and bad for the environment:


– Paraben: they actually mess with your hormones, and mimic the oestrogen (female hormones)
– Aluminium compounds: does the same, it absorbs your sweat, then get absorbs by skin and mess with your hormones
– Silica: irritate your skin and makes it itchy
– Triclosan: it is a pesticide. Yep, a pesticide.



Most of the deodorant we use are equally bad for the environment. The spray are made of petrochemicals and the rolls are made of plastic, plastic being made mostly out of petrol. None of us are actually recycling any of the cans or the rolls, which made it even worse.

There is a solution for any of use who want to smell good, not sweat too much and help the environment.

I was the first one to cringe totally when I heard I could use essential oil as a deodorant. I was very suspicious. After all, I’ve used deodorant and antiperspirant since I’m a kid, and using anything else that doesn’t have a brand on it seems a bit suspicious.


But I’ve tried an essential oil that actually works.

For a month, I’ve used only this new essential oil called Palmarosa essential oil.
This oil is used by women who are in remission from breast cancer and can not use any chemical in the glands producing sweat.


One drop for each armpit per day.


The smell of essential oil are very strong and last an entire day (it begins with rose petals and finishes like dry roses).
Palmarosa oil is an antiseptic, and anti microbacterial agent which is going to naturally kills all the little things creating the smell.


sebum regulating
healing cuts and bruises
Reduces acne and breakouts

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