Last minute Christmas present ?

Did you forget a member of your family for Christmas ? Are you still struggling to find that present for that friend who’s super picky ?

There is a store in Stanmore that will help you find that last minute present for your loved ones OR for you (which I’m doing 100% of the time). The store contains everything you could want and need for your family:

  • from kitchenware that kicks ass (marbles, raw materials and gold makes a love combination – Keep Resin, Phendei, Made of Australia, Zakkia).
  • Houseware that will warm you up and wake your creativity (Uashmama, Bonnie and Neil).
  • Skincare cruelty-free, organic form locals only, and bath tea bags when you’re feeling super extra you want a milk bath like Cleopatra  (The Seeke, Butt Naked, Salt&glow).
  • Baby lunch boxes and placemats in pastel colours and kitty/rabbit shape ! (We might be tiny).
  • Awesome jewellery for all taste (I have a massive preference on those massive Chrystal pendants).
  • Beeswax candles ! I’ve haven’t found those since a Long time and the smell is divine ! You can find them in the Lovers holding shape or the Christmas tree shape (QueenB).
  • Fashion (Royal Republiq).
  • Sunglasses (Kaibosh).


The store follows the idea of sharing local brands only and a maximum of cruelty-free, vegan products.

So you get it, for any age, any member of your family and friends there is something for absolutely everyone. If you can rush there to get your final Christmas present, GO ! You will be welcomed by one of the sweetest owner ever: Dasha, who will take a good care of you and be sure you find the perfect gift for the perfect person !

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