Free vegan meal ?

On a low budget in Sydney ? Want a vegan meal in Newtown ?

Check this restaurant: Lentil as Anything !

This small community situated in King street next to the famous and hype bar Holey Moley (soon in this blog), shares a sweet idea of sharing and caring for each other.

Indeed, if you want to eat out but can not really afford it, or if you want a vegan meal on the go, the restaurant offers you to chose if you want to pay or not, and how much you want to pay.

This is how it works:

  • For 5 dollars: you pay for the cost of your drink and your dessert.
  • For 10 dollars: you pay for your food and few of the place’s cost.
  • For 15 dollars: you pay for the food, their rent, and some costs.
  • For 20 dollars: you pay for all of that plus you help to pay for the food for people in need.


But it’s not everything !
As the spirit is definitely sharing and helping each other, Lentils decided to offer more to the community: they can offer you or your younger siblings experience in hospitality, even a barista training !! (Which for Sydney is great, considering the price of it).
They are always happy to have more volunteers and give them the experience needed to find a job somewhere else.

Cheap/ free diner, helping the community, vegan, vegetarian, fantastic taste, giving you experience…
What more could you ask for ?

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